FulfillmentWhether you're providing equipment to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of sites, count on BLM Technologies to get the right equipment to the right location.

For more than 25+ years, we've been carrying out crucial back-end fulfillment services for many companies, in a variety of industries. We offer complete, customized, turnkey solutions on a nationwide basis, and a successful track record that's unmatched in the industry.

We offer two programs for fulfillment – Remote Deposit Capture and Retail Branch. Remote Deposit Capture fulfillment means that you can provide the RDC service to your customers and we’ll take care of the rest. Upon receipt of notification from you we will ship the scanner to your customer. We can also include inserts including welcome kits. During this process you will have real time access to the status of your customer’s scanner shipment.

For Retail Branch fulfillment for financial institutions we work directly with you and your branches. Think of it as “bank in a box” where together we’ll determine all the products you need for your teller line then we’ll send the printer, scanner and any other teller line equipment you need to any location you need it to go. We manage the shipment, confirm arrival and offer a repair plan all customized to you and your organization.  Just think, when you need to order more or repair existing equipment you won’t have to manage multiple vendors for the different devices – you can call just one, BLM Technologies.

Benefit from BLM's Fulfillment Services:

  • State-of-the-art online ordering and tracking - brings you speedy, reliable delivery from at any of our distribution warehouses.
  • Customized online ordering - we can customize the ordering system in reporting to meet your specific requirements.
  • Same-day shipping - in most cases, we can ship equipment the day it’s ordered.
  • Certified technicians - walk end-users through the installation process and help them troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment.
  • Fast answers - when hardware or software issues occur, we're there to answer questions and get you or your customers back to business.
  • New location openings and acquisitions - our wide-range of turnkey solutions are available nationwide.
  • Platform refreshes - for branch automation equipment including printers, workstations, monitors, file servers, and other equipment.
  • Equipment staging - we can stage equipment at our location and ship it to any site to meet an installation team.

The right fulfillment services partner helps streamline your operation, strengthen client relationships and eliminate unnecessary hassles. With our history of performance and proven reputation, BLM is the experienced, single-source provider that makes your job easier. Looking for a solution you can bank on? Let's talk.

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