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instant issuanceIncrease activation rates, customer satisfaction and personal engagement with a complete EMV credit and debit card instant issuance solution. With BLM Technologies, you will experience:

  • Full support
  • Flawless execution
  • All hardware and software included

EMV debit and credit cards are the most secure and globally concurrent form of payment available. With instant issuance, your customers can easily open accounts and replace lost or stolen cards at any one of your bank branches.





Instant Issuance Drives Higher EMV Activation Rates & Higher Card Usage


Only 56% of new cards are activated by their recipients. Create immediate buying power and increased customer convenience that can result in a 15% higher activation rate, a 20% higher transaction volume and a 20% higher card spend. Other benefits of implementing instant issuance for your card portfolio include:

Eliminate Downtime
Increase Face-to-Face
Reduce Management Costs
Immediate activation means customers walk out with a brand new card in the same visit, increasing overall satisfaction.
Give your customers a more personalized experience through cardholder and education while they await their card.
Save money on the expense of PIN and card shipments, card inventory management and lost card replacement.



Applicable Across a Variety of Industries

Financial and Retail
Government & Medical
  • Deliver new or replacement cards instantly to your customers, giving them an exceptional payment card experience.
  • Provide an opportunity for branch employees to connect with cardholders and increase customer affinity and enable cross-promotion of other services and offers.
  • Instantly offer gift, loyalty and prepaid cards to your customers.
  • Control access and provide enhanced security to your business, employees, visitors, vendors and clients — immediately.
  • Offer greater levels of patient and/or citizen self-support.
Education, Schools,
Colleges & Universities
Transportation & Hospitality
  • Issue cards instantly to fulfill your identification card requirement.
  • Manage all your student's card-related academic activities.
  • Combine access control, ID and transactional applications into one card for flexibility and convenience.
  • Promote school spirit with a personalized photo and logo.
  • Instantly offer gift, loyalty and prepaid cards to your customers.
  • Control access and provide enhanced security to your business, employees, visitors, vendors and clients—immediately.

Your Turnkey EMV Solution

A complete solution serves all your instant issuance EMV card needs. You gain the efficiency
and flexibility you need to meet your customer's highest expectations.


Real-Time Approval and Chip Activation Software

Security Controls of Point-to-Point Encryption and Tokenization

Nationwide Hardware Repair and Maintenance Service

Market-Leading Desktop Card Printers and/or Desktop Card Embossers


Card Milling and Embedding, White Labeled Cards

Software for Card Personalization and Online Web Portal Availability

Parts and Consumables Like Plastic Cards, Ribbons, Overlays and Tipping Foils

Solution Compliance and Operational with Minimal Testing



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