Testimonials: Outsourcing IT Support

"Outsourcing IT support does not remove the final responsibility. Since Liberty Bank does not employ any IT staff at all, we rely on BLM to advise us as we navigate this very complicated and important part of our company. BLM made us aware of the server upgrade to replace end of life Microsoft Server 2003. We are a highly regulated industry and must keep up with all technology changes. What was most impressive was that BLM was able to look at not just the server software upgrade, but they very carefully laid out things we should consider or try and accomplish with the upgrade. These were things that would allow us to take advantage of new features that would come with the upgrade. Mainly due to virtualization, we were able to reduce the number of servers by one and eliminate tape backup. BLM truly is a partner to Liberty Bank and has helped us maintain quality and up to date IT systems to where IT regulatory exams have resulted in very high ratings."

- Edward V., Liberty Bank