Testimonials: Onsite Repair Services

"Larry  Peterson - great. Art Romano - great. Wayne (forgot to ask last name) - great. Boston and NYC went well because these guys were there.  They are all different, that's for sure, but I was impressed.  Helps that they know more than just the 'hardware' - helps to understand the whole picture."

- Marisa D.


"Ok. I want to let you know I worked all afternoon yesterday with David at two locations for the Buffalo schools.  He was spectacular (as usual).  He is so patient. We were able to get one of the problems resolved and the other we both think is a problem between Fiserv software and possibly Java. It was a long afternoon and I could not have done it without his support and expertise. I am so glad we have partnered with BLM"

- Diane F.


"Very, very impressive. Tech just called me. Thank you. BLM wins the vendor of choice award from me, that’s for sure."

- Dave C.