Testimonials: Network Upgrades

"David and the team at BLM did a fantastic job leading us through the upgrade and replacement of our Windows Server 2003 machines. BLM was able to maximize the efficiency of the project by upgrading and repurposing some of the physical servers while replacing and virtualizing others. David developed a plan and worked through it on schedule from start to finish. We’ve always been extremely pleased with the guidance and support provided by David and everyone else at BLM and look forward to many more years working with them!"

- Mark E., Bank of Franklin County


"Technology is continually being upgraded or reaching its end of life which requires ongoing network enhancements to maintain our financial operation.  Royal Banks of Missouri partnered with BLM approximately 10 years ago to insure that the bank’s network would be in compliant while providing service to bank personnel and clients.  BLM communicated timely the end of life announcement for Microsoft Server 2003 which provided ample time to plan the replacement of multiple servers.  Replacement of Microsoft Server 3003 to 2012 was a non-event for staff as a result of no disruption in service.  BLM’s quality of service and partnership with the bank has proven to be equitable for both parties."

- Karen D., Royal Banks of Missouri


"Thank YOU!  Wonderful job and great techs!"

- Chris W.